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What Davos 2024 Means For The Global South

Jan 26th, 2024;  Source: Forbes

Leaders from politics, business, academia and international organisations once again gathered in Davos last week, to tackle global issues and shape the global agenda. As it turned out, three topics dominated nearly every conversation – conflict, climate change and the advance of AI. As I reflected ...ReadMore

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‘We are exploring overseas locations for setting up green hydrogen production’, Sumant Sinha, CEO, Renew

Dec 19th, 2023;  Source: Financial Express

We take great pride in leading the way in India’s sustainable energy transition at ReNew. ReNew, the country’s largest renewable energy company, last month said it plans to Rs 44,000 crore by FY26 to add about 10 gigawatt(GW) capacity. Its parent ReNew Energy Global Plc signed an MoU with ADB f ...ReadMore

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As COP28 Comes To An End, Progress Achieved But More To Be Done

Dec 13th, 2023;  Source: Forbes

The UN’s 28th Conference of the Parties ended Wednesday. I attended the first week of the COP28 in Dubai. Expectations were heavy for this UN climate summit, on the heels of the first ever Global Stocktake, which calls for “increased ambition across all fronts.” Participants discussed those fr ...ReadMore

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Global climate leaders must step up at CoP-28 as time ticks away

Nov 29th, 2023;  Source: Mint

SUMMARY Rich nations must fulfil their promises even as carbon markets are pressed into service and greater corporate accountability is demanded. Dedicated climate institutions and need-based disbursal of funds could help the cause too. As the world gathers for CoP-28 in the UAE, world leade ...ReadMore

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Nov 28th, 2023;  Source: Forbes

I proposed the idea of Climate Bretton Woods a few months back. The reason is simple—Bretton Woods institutions created almost 80 years ago to rebuild economic systems are not able to act fast enough to effectively deal with climate change. But one of the three main institutions I proposed in the ...ReadMore

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Climate Crises Put Pressure On COP28 Progress

Oct 20th, 2023;  Source: Forbes

This fall has been formative for climate action. Libya’s coastal city of Derna witnessed massive floods, which researchers say is a one-in-300-year event exacerbated by climate change. Autoworkers launched strikes against Ford, General Motors and Stellantis (formerly Chrysler) over, among other fa ...ReadMore

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OPINION: Why it is urgent for India to focus on Battery Energy Storage Systems - by Sumant Sinha

Sep 25th, 2023;  Source: Energy World

India has only 7 years to achieve its 2030 RE installed capacity targets. The need of the hour is to expedite the deployment of BESS in India at the earliest. Over the past decade, India has witnessed an exponential growth in its renewable energy capacity making it one of the world's fastest- ...ReadMore

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Climate Change Requires A New Bretton Woods Moment

Sep 20th, 2023;  Source: Forbes

We are potentially living through the hottest year in history. The United States, Europe and China have all seen record-breaking temperatures during periods of intense heat, with this summer earning the distinction of the warmest globally by a large margin—0.66 degrees Celsius above average, accor ...ReadMore

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New Delhi Declaration a major step towards rapid, equitable energy transition

Sep 14th, 2023;  Source: Money Control

The New Delhi Declaration, if followed in letter and spirit, is undeniably the most effective way to proceed if we want to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels The G20 Delhi Summit under India's presidency will be judged by the New Delh ...ReadMore

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G20 Meet Will Help Shape Future Climate Talks: Experts

May 19th, 2023;  Source: Hindustan Times

G20 summit will play a crucial role for future climate discussions and help shore up action required from both developed and developing countries, experts said. The G20 summit will play a crucial role for future climate discussions and help shore up action required from both developed and develop ...ReadMore