The future of renewable energy in India

Sep 14th, 2021;  Source: Business Today

India is set to witness a boom in the electricity sector. As things stand today, India ranks third globally in both the electricity production as well as consumption . However, our per capita consumption is a little over 1,200 kWh – which is a third of the global average, a quarter of China ...ReadMore


The Need to Prioritise a Green Recovery from COVID-19

Jun 23rd, 2021;  Source: LinkedIn

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on lives, livelihoods, communities, and economies. The arrival of vaccinations and a better understanding of appropriate treatment strategies has brought forth a new ray of hope. However, there is still a relative degree of uncertainty on th ...ReadMore


Growth Oriented Budget to Catalyze Journey Towards an Atmanirbhar India

Feb 5th, 2021;

The Union Budget 2021 came in the backdrop of testing times. The Budget had to kickstart the growth engine, spur consumer demand, shore up investor sentiments and create jobs while building resilience against future pandemics. The FM did manage to meet most of India Inc.?s expectations. It is a B ...ReadMore


India won?t be Atmanirbhar without collaboration between Industry and Academia

Nov 27th, 2020;

The timeline to curb carbon emissions globally is growing disturbingly short and India will have to play its part as one of the biggest developing countries in the world. However, in order to continue lifting millions of people out of poverty, we will need to transition towards fossil free energy ...ReadMore


Geopolitics spurs India to become dominant player in global supply chain

Jul 25th, 2020;  Source: LinkedIn

China accounted for one-third of the global trade and dominated the world?s supplies of raw material and intermediate goods. However, with the Sino-US tariff war, businesses in the US, Canada, Australia, and in many European countries, began exploring options outside of China. Covid-19 has only a ...ReadMore


COVID-19 : Impact on Climate Change & Climate Finance Innovations

May 6th, 2020;  Source: LinkedIn

We hosted a tweet chat on ‘COVID-19 and its impact on Climate Change and Climate Finance Innovations’ on 29 April 2020. Mr John Chambers, Founder and CEO, JC2 Ventures, Former Chairman & CEO, Cisco; Ms Vani Kola, Managing Director, Kalaari Capital and Ms Menaka Doshi, Managing Edi ...ReadMore


India Inc. Joining in the Battle

Apr 13th, 2020;  Source: LinkedIn

When the year began, news of novel Corona virus ravaging Wuhan in China had gained decibel in India. Although, concerned with the mysterious and fast-paced nature of its transmission, I do not think anyone anticipated it would blow up into a massive global pandemic, causing death, debilitating he ...ReadMore


What Equality Means to Me

Mar 8th, 2020;  Source: LinkedIn

As a son, a husband, a father and the leader of an organization committed to building a sustainable business, I recognise my responsibility to realise women?s rights for an equal future. There is enough empirical evidence to confirm that organisations that build a welcoming environment for all se ...ReadMore


A Cleaner, Greener India in 2020

Jan 16th, 2020;  Source: LinkedIn

2019 was a milestone year for us. On 27 October 2019, ReNew Power crossed 5,000 MW of commissioned capacity and became the first clean energy company in India and the 11th globally (ex-China) to do so. This is a significant achievement, coming as it does within a short time span of 8 years and is ...ReadMore