Here’s how India became a global clean energy powerhouse

17th Sep, 2019;  Source: World Economic Forum

The past few years have seen a steady rise in India’s global stature, manifested in its enhanced economic and diplomatic clout As the world is looking to mitigate the rapidly growing threat of climate change, India figures prominently as a vital cog in the wheel It is now poised to take up the mantle of... Read More

Convert Intentions Into Action

12th Jul, 2019;  Source: BW BUSINESSWORLD

Nirmala Sitharaman’s first full budget as the finance minister did cover many important sectors and I feel the ones mentioned below will be some of the most crucial in transforming the economy  The budget speech promised a lot From electric vehicles to women empowerment, from easing out norms for... Read More

Budget 2019: Top positive messages for boosting growth

5th Jul, 2019;  Source: ET

Unveils the Government’s vision for the economy and charts a roadmap for achieving the $3 trillion milestone by 2020 In an exclusive interview with Republic TV, Sumant Sinha, Chairman and MD of ReNew Power, India's largest renewable energy company, speaks of clean energy he Union budget 2019 aims to carry forward... Read More

An opportunity to transform economy

31st May, 2019;  Source: Business standard

... Read More

Sumant Sinha

Next Govt Will Reap Benefits Of The Work Done By Modi Govt

13th May, 2019;  Source: BW BusinessWorld

In an exclusive conversation with BW Businessworld’s Suman K Jha, Chairman and Managing Director of Renew Power Sumant Sinha talks about the economy, ongoing elections, and the Modi and Manmohan years On the overall business climate I think the business climate in the country is certainly improving There is a... Read More

Election 2019: So, what are we voting for?

26th Apr, 2019;  Source: The Economic Times

Like every Indian, I, too, have been faced with the inevitable choice of which way to vote The responsibility to vote is individual, but the outcome is collective For me, the most important issue is economy — how do we lift much of India out of poverty and improve their living standards Once our income levels as a... Read More

BJP has helped the middle class realise its aspirations

24th Apr, 2019;  Source: Hindustan Times

By creating a robust fiscal architecture, arresting inflation, and improving ease of business, it has ensured growth One of our biggest challenges is to create enough jobs for India’s growing work force The NDA’s emphasis on upgrading our dated academic curricula to focus on innovation, research and emerging... Read More

Sumant Sinha

Perseverance Always Pays

20th Nov, 2018;  Source: BW BusinessWorld

I largely attribute my perseverance to the strong belief in this sector and its huge potential in the coming years Back in 2010, I wanted to do something radically different from what I had been doing for the last 20-25 years I had seen my father, an IAS officer, quit his comfortable job at a similar age and enter... Read More

Setting The Economy On A Stable Course

12th May, 2018;  Source: BW BusinessWorld

As a nation, we need to improve the capability of the government as a whole to govern, with better quality outcomes, with more diverse knowledge and experience backing decision making The latest report by the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) projects that India will remain the fastest-growing major... Read More

Modi @Davos: PM has to be India’s Marketing Chief

17th Jan, 2018;  Source: The Economics Times

Modi will have to lay out India’s position in this ever-changing world, and his personal views as the prime representative of a sixth of humanity This year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting at Davos, Switzerland, that will take place during January 23-26 comes with a very different background from the last... Read More