A must-surge year for climate goals

6th Jan, 2022;  Source: Business Standard

Cometh the hour, cometh the sector The year 2022 will be critical for India’s renewable energy industry if it is to hit the country’s ambitious 2030 and 2070 climate goals If we don’t ramp up the tempo in 2022, it will make the targets more difficult to reach in each succeeding year The goal of 450 GW of... Read More

Clean energy prospects beyond the 100GW milestone

21st Sep, 2021;  Source: Mint

Today, India is a global powerhouse of renewable energy Despite the covid pandemic, steady growth has helped us cross the 100 gigawatt (GW) target of installed capacity (excluding large hydro projects) This is a momentous achievement for India as well as the world, as it helps bring our carbon emissions down (we are... Read More

Towards Greener Pastures

5th Sep, 2021;  Source: Business Today

India is set to witness a boom in the electricity sector As things stand, India ranks third globally in both electricity production and consumption However, our per-capita consumption is a shade over 1,200 kWh (kilowatt-hours), which is a third of the global average, a quarter of China’s and a tenth of that of the... Read More

The future of renewable energy in India

3rd Sep, 2021;  Source: LinkedIn

India is set to witness a boom in the electricity sector As things stand today, India ranks third globally in both the electricity production as well as consumption[1] However, our per capita consumption is a little over 1,200 kWh - which is a third of the global average, a quarter of China’s and a tenth of the... Read More

Budget 2021: Bold and creative solutions key to reviving Mission $5 trillion

30th Jan, 2021;  Source: ET Energy

While a timely and comprehensive stimulus package triggered the revival, India now looks forward to a bold, creative Budget that will catapult our economy back onto a rapid and sustainable growth trajectory India has started the new year on a promising note with the world’s biggest vaccination drive underway It... Read More

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Tackling pollution, beyond stubble burning

11th Dec, 2020;  Source: Hindustan Times

While stubble burning continues to be a sensitive inter-state issue, the local administration should focus on these “internal” factors and mitigate them through proper planning, strict governance and the active participation of common citizens Bad air knows no boundaries and a multiplicity of agencies working... Read More

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Proposed reforms can light up the power sector | Analysis

27th Aug, 2020;  Source: Hindustan Times

They will discipline discoms, strengthen regulation, enhance private sector participation, push clean energy Universal and round-the-clock access to affordable electricity is a prerequisite for India’s sustained economic growth India is currently the world’s third-largest producer of electricity with an installed... Read More

How India’s economy can gain from opportunities thrown up after COVID

22nd Jun, 2020;  Source: Live Mint

A call for Atmanirbhar Bharat is just the right impetus for local manufacturing in a world overly dependent on China It is time to move to a direct benefit transfer model instead of the appeasement tool of farm loan waivers Given our population density and modest health infrastructure, the... Read More

Budget 2020 practical, holistic; execution holds key

17th Feb, 2020;  Source: Financial Express

The Budget rightly allocates Rs 17 lakh crore to give a push to infrastructure development, targeting 9,000 km of economic corridor, more hospitals, highways, high-speed trains, airports and a National Logistics Policy Budget 2020-21: This year’s Union Budget came at a challenging time when the economy is in a... Read More

India’s clean energy reforms make it a role model for other developing nations

25th Oct, 2019;  Source: India Inc.

An industry expert elaborates on some of the strategies that need to be implemented for the rapid growth of clean energy in India as it sets out to achieve an ambitious goal of 175GW renewable energy capacity by 2022 Today, we are seeing an increasing recognition of the magnitude of a threat that climate change... Read More