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Goldman-Backed Renew Mulls Listing Its Shares to Fund Growth

Jan 7th, 2021;  Source: Bloomberg

ReNew, India’s largest renewable energy company, is looking at an overseas listing of shares to raise funds as it invests in growth for the coming decade.  “As far as our own IPO plans are concerned, it’s something we are certainly evaluating ...ReadMore

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Will invest across renewables, solar manufacturing, transmission in 2021: Sumant Sinha, ReNew

Jan 1st, 2021;  Source: ET Energyworld

The other big focus area for the firm will be commissioning of projects which are in the pipeline and nearing completion. Introduction of long-term measures including privatisation of distribution companies to improve the sector’s health are absolutely necessary ...ReadMore

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Book Launch | Fossil Free: Reimagining Clean Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World

Dec 10th, 2020;  Source: Observer research foundation

About the book The current global energy use, with its overwhelming dependence on fossil fuels, has taken global warming to dangerous levels. Climate change is already hitting us hard, through adverse effects on global food availability, biodiversity, rising sea levels a ...ReadMore

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BOOK EXCERPT: 'Fossil Free: Reimagining Clean Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World'

Nov 30th, 2020;  Source: CNBCTV18.COM

There is, however, a silver lining. As we know, electricity accounts for approximately a quarter of total energy consumption. This is a growing proportion, as more consumption areas get electrified. Transportation through EVs is, of course, the most obvious one, but we can include cases in the ma ...ReadMore

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Fossil Free: Reimagining Clean Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World? review: A green new deal

Nov 30th, 2020;  Source: The Hindu

To deliver on its renewable energy promise, India needs more reforms For many decades now, the world has been waiting with bated breath on the promise of renewables, and with every passing year, the disruptive power of technology is making prices tumble and its economic cas ...ReadMore

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Critical climate change issues aside here?s why clean energy will trump polluting fossil fuels

Nov 30th, 2020;  Source: YourStory

ReNew Power Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Sumant Sinha reveals a key reason why clean energy will trump polluting fossil fuels. If you live in Delhi, like this writer, you would know just how precious and rare breathing clean air is. According to the World Air Quality Report by ...ReadMore

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Experts discuss climate change & the need to go fossil free

Nov 27th, 2020;  Source: CNBCTV18.COM

As climate change takes center-stage in global policymaking, the transition to clean energy is no longer a pipe dream. It’s an urgent need. In the recently contested US elections, battling climate change was one of the key agendas of the Joe Biden campaign. As part of his presidential tr ...ReadMore

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What has climate change led to? Riots, uprising and tyranny

Nov 13th, 2020;  Source: The Print

In ‘Fossil Free’, Sumant Sinha writes about the social and economic impacts of climate change, especially in oil-producing countries. Dirty coal and oil are the main contributors towards global warming and climate change. They are also the main sources of en ...ReadMore

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Businessman writes practical playbook for affordable shift to Fossil Free world

Nov 8th, 2020;  Source: The Print

An overwhelming dependence on fossil fuels has served as a catalyst for global warming, pushing the Earth to its tipping point. Its impact is not only expected to put global food availability and biodiversity at risk, but also raise sea levels and increase the frequency of extreme weather events ...ReadMore

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The Case for Clean Energy Amid the Climate Change Threat: Sumant Sinha

Oct 15th, 2020;  Source: Harpercollins India

Sumant Sinha’s understanding of the global energy landscape and climate change brings a unique, holistic perspective on energy. With his book, Fossil Free, Sinha shares his vision for energy which is not only clean, but also practical and affordab ...ReadMore