Inspiring Young Minds


I have always believed that the youth has a pivotal role to play in building a sustainable future. The youth represent the future generation and hence in a way, they are the biggest stakeholders when it comes to ensuring a cleaner, better future. This is precisely why at ReNew, we consider it our responsibility to sensitize the youth about clean energy and environmental matters and get them involved in shaping the climate narrative. I personally think today’s youth can contribute in many ways towards building a sustainable planet and there’s a lot to be learnt from them, in terms of fresh ideas and innovative solutions. The renewable energy sector is also relatively new and I feel as an industry leader, it is ReNew’s responsibility to reach out to the youth and demystify this sector and get them interested and excited about the sector and its potential to create a better world. I am glad that at ReNew we have several programmes and initiatives targeted at the youth as we work towards building a talent pool of professionals who are passionate about cleaner & smarter energy solutions. Our programmes are designed to give the young leaders a first hand opportunity to gain industry experience and create solutions for a greener future.

Global Green Scholars

Putting India on the map for the brightest global talent in clean energy


The ReNew Young Leaders Program (RYLP) is a fast-track program to harness the untapped potential and passion of young management and engineering graduates from across the country.