Global Green Scholars

Global Green Scholars

About the Program

  • A flagship program by ReNew, India’s leading renewable energy company to inculcate and promote collaboration and innovation in renewable energy
  • Through this program, we collaborate with the best and the brightest students from some of the most prestigious colleges in the world to find solutions that will address the energy needs, effectively and efficiently
  • It gives students an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the sector as well as explore the cultural myriad that is India


Following projects were assigned

  • Integration in India: Policies and Reforms for Clean, Cost-effective and Consistent Electricity
  • Developing An Executive Dashboard: Challenges and Opportunities in the Data
  • Floating Solar: Market and Opportunities in SE Asia
  • Early Stage Investments and Strategy
  • Asset Divestments - Global Models and Opportunities for ReNew
  • Lux Research, Company Websites and Open Resources
  • ThingsCloud: Investment Proposal
Inspiring Young Mind
Our Social Initative

“We launched the Global Green Scholars program in 2017 to collaborate with the best and brightest students from prestigious colleges, who were determined to make a difference This not only gives the young leaders an opportunity to work with industry stalwarts, but was also a learning experience for us and helped us broaden our horizons and look at solutions from a newer & wider lens.”

-Sumant Sinha