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After spending a decade in the US and Europe, I decided to return to India as I was passionate about prospects of our great nation and wanted to play a role in building a new India. After economic liberalization of early 90s, India has transformed at an awe-inspiring pace and today is at the cusp of a great change. Today, we have an opportunity to bring transformative change not just to business and economy, but the social fabric of our nation.

Indian Economy in 2018 : Ease of Doing Business & Beyond

December 31, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, there are plenty of positive vibes emanating from the economic front as India cemented its position as the fastest growing major economy globally. Despite global vulnerabilities, India has stood out as a bright spot, showing great resilience and a steady rate of growth.

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India is where the action is

September 19, 2018

Being one of the fastest growing economies of the world, India’s energy demands are bound to grow year-on-year. Add to it the fact that India’s per capita power consumption is only one-third of the world’s average and one can easily foresee the hectic action that the country is going to witness in power generation, transmission, storage and distribution in the coming decades.

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The tipping point for climate change is nigh upon us

September 28, 2017

All this while climate change seemed like the mountain was far enough. But time is running out and we don’t seem to be concerned about the impending crash

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Business World

29 Aug 2017

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Bloomberg | Quint

22 Aug 2017

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