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After spending a decade in the US and Europe, I decided to return to India as I was passionate about prospects of our great nation and wanted to play a role in building a new India. After economic liberalization of early 90s, India has transformed at an awe-inspiring pace and today is at the cusp of a great change. Today, we have an opportunity to bring transformative change not just to business and economy, but the social fabric of our nation.

Will invest across renewables, solar manufacturing, transmission in 2021: Sumant Sinha, ReNew Power

January 1, 2021

Indian renewable energy sector has come a long way since 2014 and a stable policy regime has been a critical component of its success and growth.

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India won’t be Atmanirbhar without collaboration between Industry and Academia

November 27, 2020

The timeline to curb carbon emissions globally is growing disturbingly short and India will have to play its part as one of the biggest developing countries in the world. However, in order to continue lifting millions of people out of poverty, we will need to transition towards fossil free energy sources at the earliest.

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Proposed reforms can light up the power sector | Analysis

August 27, 2020

Universal and round-the-clock access to affordable electricity is a prerequisite for India’s sustained economic growth. India is currently the world’s third-largest producer of electricity with an installed capacity of 371 GW. Going ahead, rapid growth and urbanisation will drive up the demand for electricity manifold, necessitating a healthy, efficient and consumer-centric power sector.

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Sumant Sinha, CMD ReNew Power speaking on #Budget2021​​ on NewsX

Sumant Sinha, CMD ReNew Power speaking on #Budget2021​​ on ABP News
ABP News

Sumant Sinha on Future of electricity, IPO roadmap and more