Business Sustainability is No Longer Good To Have

September 28, 2017

Did you know Google is the world’s largest corporate consumer of renewable energy? It aims to run 100 percent of its global operations on renewable energy and has invested in 22 clean energy projects. Other companies, across domains, are focussing on reducing CO2 emissions, their carbon footprint and improving logistical efficiency.

Driving this expanded focus on profit, people, and planet are increasingly aware consumers. Sweat free, carbon footprint, food miles are emerging as significant considerations for purchase choices and companies have no choice but to comply. Also, the Paris Climate Change Agreement has ensured global commitment to reducing emissions and exploring sustainable energy. The technology framework for business sustainability is also ready. IoT to AI and analytics form the basis for understanding, monitoring and improving efficiencies and this is only going to improve with time.

Business sustainability is no longer good to have. It is integral to competitive success. After all, understanding and mitigating risks is a core business function and at this juncture, nothing poses a graver risk to our way of life than the environmental damage that humankind has caused. Addressing that as well as social equity challenges has to be crucial strategic focus points for any modern company.