Greenland is apparently turning green

September 28, 2017

Greenland is apparently turning green. Closer home, parts of India are flooded while other parts are facing their worst drought in decades. And the price of petrol just shot up again. What do these three problems have in common?

The greenhouses gases caused by burning fossil fuels is behind global warming and climate change. And climate change is responsible for the problems in Greenland, India and across the world. Also, fossil fuel reserves are rapidly dwindling while demand for fuel is growing. Renewable energy forms like wind, solar, hydro cause little or no pollution and hold the key to a sustainable, energy secure future. They are also limitless and available to everyone unlike fossil fuels which are concentrated in certain regions. 21st century’s biggest achievement has been the mainstreaming of renewables. They are now viable, and even cheaper alternatives to fossil fuels. 

Donald’s Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate Change Agreement notwithstanding, if Greenland is to remain white and icy, then renewables are our only hope.  The good news is, the rest of the world is standing by its commitment to fighting climate change with increased investments in renewables. The future is clean, green and renewable indeed.