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After two decades of a successful corporate career, I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2011 from a small office in Mumbai. Today, ReNew Power is the largest renewable energy IPP in India in terms of total energy generation capacity with a diversified portfolio and a total capacity of approximately 5.85 GW, comprising 3.92 GW of operational capacity, 1.66 GW of capacity under development and 0.27 GW of wind power capacity awarded in April 2018 in the fourth SECI wind power auctions. The last 7 years have been an eventful journey with unmatched experience and learning for me. Here, I share my experiences with young talented individuals who are preparing for the next-big-move in their lives.

Entrepreneurship in India – Its importance & what we expect from the Govt. to sustain its growth

December 31, 2018

It is now quite evident that a fresh breed of entrepreneurs is playing a pivotal role in the current growth of the Indian economy. They are fearless, better informed and well skilled - presiding over an important transition period as India graduates from a country of job seekers to that of job creators.

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Top Business Sustainability Trends for 2017

September 28, 2017

Did you know Google is the world’s largest corporate consumer of renewable energy? It aims to run 100 percent of its global operations on renewable energy and has invested in 22 clean energy project

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